For too long, District Attorneys have forgotten that their mission is to protect public safety by advancing justice, and not merely to seek convictions regardless of the cost to communities. In the last 30 years, California built 22 prisons and only one University. District Attorneys have been primarily responsible for filling up those prisons. It is District Attorneys who have played a significant role in the creation of mass incarceration and the entrenched racism within it. I must now do my part to end it.
If elected as the next District Attorney of Alameda County, I commit to do the following to ensure public safety, end mass incarceration and to eliminate racial, socioeconomic and gender disparities within Alameda County’s criminal justice system.
1. I commit to leading the effective implementation of Proposition 47, including supporting and advocating for the expansion of diversion programs, bail and sentencing reforms and alternatives to incarceration for all those who come in contact with the criminal justice system.
a. Endless punishment and excessive sentencing do not achieve public safety. Incarceration should be a last resort. I commit to implementing restorative justice and survivor-centered approaches to all harmful behaviors. When my office does seek incarceration as a last resort, the sentencing recommendation will be proportional to the harmful behavior, and include consideration of the victim’s views and the detriment to the community. 
b. Proposition 47 provides people with a second chance. Incarceration for minor mistakes has historically had a devastating impact on our community, particularly for Black and Latino families. Better public safety outcomes result when prosecutors focus on diverting first-time offenders. Diversion puts them on a path to success rather than severe and disproportionate punishment. This includes finding treatment options for those who suffer from mental health or substance abuse disorders.
c. Thousands of people have been held in Alameda County jails simply because they cannot afford to pay for bail even though they have not been convicted of any crime. The cash bail system criminalizes poverty and has devastating consequences for communities. This terrible injustice and unconstitutional practice must end.
2. In keeping with the spirit and mandates of Proposition 57, I commit to never charge any youth (under the age of 18) as an adult under any circumstances.
Californians recognize the science of brain development which concludes that most people do not fully grow into their mental and physical faculties until their mid- 20s. Countless research has shown that sending young people to adult prisons does nothing to rehabilitate them and worsens public safety outcomes.
3. I commit to not seek the death penalty, in alignment with the voters of Alameda County who voted twice to abolish the death penalty.
The death penalty system in California is broken beyond repair and the racial disparities in its applications have been stark. Half the countries in the world have abolished the death penalty and the voters of Alameda County have voted both in 2012 (Prop 34) and in 2016 (Prop 62) to abolish the death penalty. I will heed the will of the voters and not seek the death penalty.
4. I commit to address public safety with respect for all residents, and to enforce and follow the mandates and spirit of the sanctuary City resolutions adopted throughout Alameda County.
I will do all I can to protect our immigrant and non-citizen community members from Trump’s deportation force. I will not allow the criminal justice system and my prosecutors to aid Donald Trump’s xenophobic immigration policies.
5. I commit to hold law enforcement officers equally accountable for unlawful conduct including unjustifiable homicides, human and sex trafficking, domestic violence, excessive and/or discriminatory use of force, sexual assault, theft, perjury and any other unlawful acts.
a. I commit to create a “Police Accountability Unit” (PAU) that will vigorously and fairly investigate any allegations of unlawful conduct by law enforcement officers and provide a prompt public report.
b. It is in the interests of public safety and public trust to ensure that a full, reasoned and independent investigation and prosecution of any allegations of unlawful conduct by law enforcement officers is conducted without conflict or bias, or the perception of conflict or bias. In order to restore full confidence in our system of criminal justice, I commit to request that the Attorney General of the State of California assist in directing, investigating, managing and prosecuting serious incidents pursuant to Section 13 of Article V of the California Constitution.
c. If the Attorney General declines or is unable to fulfill his constitutional obligations under Article V, Section 13, I will seek to employ an independent private prosecutor to investigate and prosecute serious incidents of unlawful police conduct.
6. I commit to allocate the resources of my office to prevent and to reduce gun violence in every city and unincorporated area in Alameda County.
This means working with law enforcement agencies as well as community-based organizations, including the faith community, to identify and respond promptly to issues and situations that can lead to gun violence in our neighborhoods and homes, as well as working to provide the knowledge and support needed to break the cycle of violence and to build healthier communities. I will support every effort to reduce the availability of illegal guns in our community.
7. I commit to supporting public safety and social services interventions that reduce harmful behavior without law enforcement involvement.
This means partnering with community-based organizations to advocate for funding and policies that provide pre- and after-school education programs, sexual assault and domestic violence counseling, mentoring and support services, targeted employment opportunities, quality health care and policies that are intended to remove barriers to employment and housing for formerly incarcerated residents.
8. I commit to track and publish annual demographic data about every decision-making point in the prosecution process.
This will provide the public and my office with a clearer picture of where in the process racial disparities become the worst and where a targeted intervention or change in practice will result in less people being incarcerated and minimize racial disparities. This data will include, but is not limited to, charging decisions, plea negotiations, bail and sentencing recommendations, diversion options, etc.  My administration will create a new culture of transparency and fairness in the D.A.’s office.
9. I commit to establish and enforce progressive metrics for evaluating prosecutor’s job performance that are not just their conviction rates but also their diversion and positive intervention rates. This will include a tracking system for individual prosecutors that may be considered for purposes of promotions, demotions or terminations.
Historically, prosecutors have only been evaluated by their conviction rate. This creates perverse professional incentives for line prosecutors to seek excessive punishment instead of problem-solving around the underlying issues behind a particular crime.
I commit to institute metrics that consider how many people are diverted away from the criminal justice system and how many cases the prosecutor declined to prosecute due to unconstitutional policing. I commit to institute a policy that minimizes the impacts of constitutional violations and the threat of unjust incarceration based on a lack of economic resources.
10. I commit to create and vigorously support a “Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU)” in the District Attorney’s Office.
The CIU will seriously and vigorously investigate all claims of innocence by incarcerated residents and will seek to correct any instances of grave injustice where an innocent person may have been sent to prison. I will strive to re-introduce and support the presumption of innocence in all cases.